Why Marijuana Creams Might Be Good For You

03 May Why Marijuana Creams Might Be Good For You

Marijuana is making a mark as a skincare product, which could give pot the critical mass of commercial production it deserves.

Cannabis deregulation has come a long way. From being a controlled grade-A drug in most countries at the turn of the ‘70s, to being fully, or partly, legal in about half of the United States, the wheels have slowly begun to turn. The buzz created by pot legalisation (pun unintended) has spurred an entirely new eco-system, apart from the hippie peacenik kind.

A joint effort

Newer weed derived innovations are tumbling out every day. Granola bars stuffed laced with weed, weed colas and now, some high-end skin creams and ointments. The efficacy of the dominant compounds in marijuana, THC and CBD, in treating problems like pain relief has been a cornerstone of the legalisation campaign. Researchers have now brought that idea to more focused topical skin application products.

weed bud is green

For that great, smoky look

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Some do so by extracting the hemp seed oil, as Marley Natural have done. Their selection of cannabis body care products are well-regarded for their skin healing properties, though they aren’t as high on core cannabinoids.

High fashion

Another marijuana skin care brand Cannabis Basics, claims that THC and CBD are not the only therapeutic compounds present in marijuana. There are several other compounds, with marked analgesic and regenerative properties.

On the cannabis menu

On the cannabis menu

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And regenerative they sure can be! Kannactiv have devised a unique CBD infused skin cream, which shows promise as an acne quick fix. Their sister company, Cannabis Beauty Defined have their own CBD concoction to mitigate ageing.

For the evergreen

Most incredible application yet is the Pleasure Oil by Foria, which the company claims enhances sexual pleasure for women. Loaded with the more proactive THC compound, these Pleasure Oils provide localised nerve arousal, leading to more intense orgasms.

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A healthy dose of oil

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Marijuana skin creams are definitely the wave of the future. For those looking for better skincare, it’s a new avenue full of promise. And for the scores of cannabis entrepreneurs and seed funds, it could be the road to Damascus.

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