How To Get Rid Of Corns And Caluses

06 May How To Get Rid Of Corns And Caluses

Everybody develops a corn or callus somewhere on their feet eventually. It need not to be as long-lasting or problematic as you might imagine.

Corns and calluses are results of prolonged skin stress. Cramped shoes, constant friction, heat and dietary imbalance can all give rise to these irksome skin illnesses.

Luckily, there are some renowned home remedies for treating any kind of corn or callus.

Start moisturising

The most obvious thing to do in case of corns and calluses is to regularly moisturize the area. Any kind of soothing skin cream would do the trick. This should help you shake the dead skin off quicker.

check feet soles

Sole searching for corns and calluses

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Applying Vitamin A or E oil

One of the most effective ways to treat corns and calluses is the application of Vitamin A or E oil nightly before bed. Just take a Vitamin A or E capsule and prick it with a needle. Squeeze out the oil and apply it on the corn or callus.

Aspirin + Cider + Vinegar

That’s right; crushed aspirin, mixed in with apple cider and vinegar, makes for a great anti inflammatory ointment for your corn or callus. Just take a handful of aspirin tablets and crush them in a bowl. Add equal parts apple cider and vinegar and whip the mixture into a thick paste. Apply gently.

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Crusty the feet

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The pumice stone rub off

As your corn or callus starts to soften, the easiest way to dislodge it is with a pumice stone. Pumice stone is a porous rock, which is conveniently shaped as scrubs of various sizes. Gently rubbing your corn or callus, once softened, will start to scrape off the thickened dead skin.

pumice scrub

Scrub the right way

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These treatments, if done right, should help you deal with the most rugged of all corns and calluses. To prevent further inflammation, we recommend wearing footwear that allows your feet adequate ventilation. It also helps to regularly clean your feet and make sure you rub off any dead skin that starts to accumulate.

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