How To Get Rid Of Undereye Circles

06 May How To Get Rid Of Undereye Circles

Dark circles can either be a temporary skin issue or could become a chronic feature of your face, depending on how urgently you treat it. 

Dark circles are one of those subtle skin symptoms that appear over time and become a part of your face, if you don’t act soon enough. It could have a variety of causes, like lack of sleep, stress or even ageing. But it can be kept at bay by efforts made in the nick of time.


Treat your undereye circles to a soothing tomato juice rub in, every night. You can expand it to twice a day. Let the juice coat remain for about ten minutes, before you wash it off. Not only will it help you get rid of dark undereye circles, but also leave your skin supple and smooth.

dark undereye treatment

Peel the dark side

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Chilled Tea Bags

One of the most effective ways of ridding yourself of dark undereye circles are chilled tea bags. All you need to do is dip a tea bag in a water bath and place it in the freezer. Once it is chilled completely, place it on your closed eyelids. It will relax your mind and sooth your skin till the undereye circles disappear.

A dash of orange juice

Surprisingly, even orange juice can work therapeutically to reduce your undereye dark circles. Just mix a little with glycerin and apply it over your eyes. It should reduce your undereye circles considerably, while giving your eye a nice, natural glow.

The new look

The new look

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In order to treat the basic cause of your condition, stress, it is important to go in for a holistic lifestyle shift. The stress has to be not only minimised, but completely removed from life. Once you are able to reduce your stress, you will find yourself being better rested, as well as happier. And nothing reduces undereye circles like stress-free living!

Calm your eyes

Calm your eyes

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Undereye circles can make you look old and fatigued. It is one of the more subtle signs of lack of grooming, which could harm your public perception. The best option is to opt for a reliable treatment from the list given and get started on it immediately.

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